ENERGY STAR® certified pool pumps can run at different speeds and be programmed to match the pool operation with its appropriate pool pump speed. Reducing pump speed by one-half allows the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy. An ENERGY STAR certified pool pump runs quieter, prolongs the life of your pool's filtering system and can help you save up to $350 a year in energy costs.* Save even more today with up to $400 in mail-in incentives from Entergy Mississippi.

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Please click here for a list of eligible models. Be sure to check the list prior to making your purchase to ensure the appliance and model you're purchasing is eligible for an incentive.

To apply for an incentive, individuals must print and mail in an application and supporting documentation - click here to download the form and follow the three steps below.

1) Fill out the incentive application completely. Incomplete applications will delay or disqualify your incentive.
2) Attach your proof of purchase - a copy of the dated sales receipt or invoice with model number.
3) If applicable, attach the Pool Pump Incentive Reassignment Form.
4) Mail to the address below.

Entergy Mississippi Residential Appliances Program
980 Beaver Creek Dr.
Martinsville, VA 24112

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Call 844-523-9980 or email us at emlappliance@icf.comm


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